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9MM Chubbies – Competition Low Recoil Ammo

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So about a week ago, I talked about a new type of ammunition I have been shooting. They’re called 9MM Chubbies and they’re manufactured by Stand 1 Armory. Everything I’ve posted thus far about the round has been aimed at newer shooters. This post will hopefully bring a little more light to the intermediate and advanced shooters who are looking for a new 3 gun competition round.

Before we begin, The short post I mentioned earlier about how this round would be a perfect alternative for a newer shooters can be found on this blog and the video we made to go along with that can be found here:

So while that’s an awesome perk of the round, it’s not exactly why it was engineered in the first place. You see, at it’s core, the Stand 1 Armory 9mm Chubby round was designed as a high mass, low recoil round that would give competition shooters a big edge.

The bullet itself is a 147 grain projectile. Why go with 147 grain over 115? It’s simple. It needs to knock down steel plates at distance if it’s going to be a competition round. But where the lower recoil comes into play is the powder charge. It’s a -P load which means there is less powder but it’s also a different kind of powder. This powder is specific to Stand 1 Armory and they perfected it to be exactly where they need in order to reliably cycle damn near every gun but also keep the recoil as manageable as possible. The final caveat is that these loads also make minor power factor in USPSA or IDPA competitions.

In fact, on their website, they claim that the Chubby round has 35% less felt recoil than their standard 147 grain subsonic rounds. That’s a pretty bold statement. Even more bold, they say that it will reliably cycle virtually every 9mm firearm. So of course I had to put these things to the test.

I used a Smith & Wesson M&P Pro 9mm handgun and ran 3 full magazines through the gun. It’s not a lot, but it was enough to really get a feel for the ammo. I shot steel, I shot a USPSA mockup course, and I shot bullseye paper. I will tell you, this ammunition was… amazing. The felt recoil was absolutely noticeably lessened. In fact, by the end of my shooting time, I was getting to the point where I wasn’t losing my sight picture hardly at all. A few solid competition shooting fundamentals and this ammo can make for a very scared A-Zone.

Beyond just the recoil, I had zero malfunctions. Not once did I have any issues with the ammunition not cycling the slide or any failures whatsoever. Now granted, my gun is through the “break-in” stage and I have been shooting for a while. But it should be said that (as with any -P ammunition), without proper handgun fundamentals, you may experience issues with the ammo. If you get this ammunition, or any low powder ammunition for that matter, and you experience issues, please check your shooting fundamentals first before thinking the ammunition is bad. If you have any questions about grip or stance, we have some awesome videos on our channel at

So there you have it, my take on the Stand 1 Armory 9mm Chubbies. I loved these rounds. I will absolutely use them in my next USPSA match (which I’ll by sure to make a video and post about) and I’ll always make sure to have a few on hand for my fiance to shoot as well. But don’t take my word for it. Check out Stand 1 Armory’s website and order up some of your own. If you do, don’t forget to let us know how they work for you in the comments below.

You can find more information on the 9mm Chubbies here:



Low Recoil 9mm Ammo


Recently, I’ve been testing out a bunch of different factory 9mm rounds to see if I could tell a difference between reliability, accuracy, and recoil. I found some interesting things, but above all, I found a specific 9mm round that I just had to share. It’s called the 9mm Chubbie and it’s manufactured by Stand 1 Armory.

Stand 1 Armory is an ammo manufacturer out of Texas. They specialize in really high quality, hand inspected ammunition. I saw on their website that they produced this unique -P 9mm ammunition and just had to give it a try. I was really curious to try it out for 2 reasons.

First, the ammunition is actually manufactured specifically for competition shooting and I shoot USPSA matches from time to time so I thought this could give me an excellent edge.

But second, and this is almost more important to me, I wanted a 9mm round that had low enough recoil (but was still reliable enough) that my fiance could shoot it with no problems. She is a great shooter but she has only been shooting a handful of times and anything bigger than her Ruger SR22 still make her a little uneasy. Beyond just the recoil, I wanted to ensure that this round would cycle my gun every single time because there is nothing worse for a new shooter than a gun consistently jamming up.

So, I took my fiance to the range the other day and we tested out this -P ammunition. She was extremely nervous starting out. Like, to the point of wanting to leave before even taking the first shot. But after her first magazine, she was seriously jumping up and down with joy. She was ecstatic to be back at the range and shooting a full size handgun. This ammo absolutely helped to calm her nerves and by the end, it was all I could do get her to leave the range.

We’re releasing the full video of our trip to the range in just a few days so make sure not to miss it. Tricia (my fiance) is going to go over how she felt about shooting the -P ammunition in comparison to shooting the regular 9mm. She’s also going to show you her groups on the targets with each style.

This will be a great video for you if you have someone who is still learning to shoot or if you yourself are still trying to work up the full recoil of certain guns. Once this video airs, I’ll also do a more in depth post on the video, the ammunition, and what I personally thought while shooting it.

Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel at so you don’t miss the video, then head back over here to see the full read up and review on Stand 1 Armory’s 9mm Chubbie ammunition.

For more information on Stand 1 Armory and their 9mm Chubbie ammunition, check out their website at If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support team. Every opportunity I’ve had to speak with them has been a super positive experience.