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VLOG Introduction Video

I promised a VLOG series, and here is the introduction to the series. I will be posting a new VLOG every single Sunday and possibly more often throughout the week if I have something interesting to say. Thanks for watching! We’ve also got Tips 5 and 6 this week coming on how to become a better shooter!

Get to Know More About Me – VLOG!


Hey guys! First of all, let me thank you for being here. I know there is about a million other places you could be spending your time online and you chose to spend it with me. That means a lot and I can’t thank you enough.

The reason I’m putting this post together is I’ve recently had one of my long time subscribers write me an email saying he thought I should be a little more open about who I am as a person. I thought that was kind of cool that you guys might care to get to know me on more of a personal level than just that guy who reviews guns.

I’ve been doing this video thing for quite a while now and although I don’t have a gigantic viewer base like some YouTubers, I’m honestly humbled by how many people take a few minutes out of their day to watch some of my videos. I really do consider Green Light Shooting to be a big part of my life and therefore, I consider my subscribers to be like a little family. I’m not talking about the guy who comes by and watches one of my big videos, leaves an insensitive comment, and I never hear from him again. I’m talking about those of you that watch every video I put out (even the ones with 300 views total) and leave meaningful comments. I want you to be a bigger part of my life and I hope to be a bigger part of yours.

That’s why I’m going to start a VLOG. This will be in addition to all the videos I normally do. So don’t worry, it won’t take the place of any of the bigger review or tips and tricks videos. These VLOGs will just be me and a camera talking about what’s going on with GLS. That might include giving you guys insight into future videos, asking you for your input and opinions on stuff, telling you about a new cool knife I picked up, taking you behind the scenes on some of the bigger shoots, or just bringing you along to some of the bigger happenings in my personal life. 2015 is a HUGE year for me. My fiance and I are getting married in August. We’re buying our first home. I’m releasing a book for Green Light Shooting. All sorts of crazy stuff that I want those of you who care to be a part of.

So I’m going to start posting at least 1 of these videos a week and if there’s more to say, I’ll post more. I don’t expect to get a lot of views on these videos and I’m fine with that. I just want you let those of you who care and that have supported me along the way into my world. I want you to get to know me on a more personal level and really feel like you’re involved with where GLS is headed.

Like I said, these won’t interfere with the normal videos so I’ll make sure to keep those coming. I’m actually putting together an official release schedule on when I’ll be releasing videos, blog posts, vlogs and more. That way, you guys will always be in the loop and it will help me to stick to a more regular schedule as well. I’ll put out a post with that schedule once I get it finalized.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your time with me. I know the blog has been fairly slow to get going but I promise it’ll pick up. I’m still getting the hang of this.

New Video Series Coming! – Green Light Quick Tips

Sorry for the absence of posts lately. I’ve been working hard on getting a new video series put together. I’m calling it the Green Light Quick Tips series.

This video series will be ongoing, but they’ll be categorized in chunks. For example, the first one I’m launching is going to Green Light Quick Tips for Becoming a Better Shooter. Essentially, I’m taking the top 10 things that made me a better shooter and turning that into a video series. I’m going to do one video per tip.

So what makes these different than all of the other tips and tricks videos I have? Well, most of my videos range between 4 and 10 minutes. That’s great when I’m talking about something in a lot of detail, but sometimes, you just want to get right to the point, learn something useful, and get on with your day. That’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish with these videos. I’m shooting to make them super rich with information all condensed into under 60 seconds. That’s right, so I’ll talk (really fast might I add) about the tip, then show a single quick close up of the tip in action. I want to cover what the tip is, how to do it, why it’s important, and show how it’s done.

Creating series with 10+ videos will allow me to churn out more content for you guys and release on a more regular and frequent basis. I plan to release at least 2 tip videos per week. Hopefully, that’s in addition to the regular one video per week I normally release. Of course, that means we’ll be posting the videos on YouTube but you can always get the inside scoop on our website here. I’ll post all of the tip videos here as well, but they’ll usually be accompanied with a written post that goes a little deeper into the tip. Something that I didn’t have time to say in the 60 second video but if you’re interested, it might add a little more insight into the tip and how I use it.

So as I said, the first series will be on becoming a better shooter. But I want to keep doing more and more tips series so if there is any other subjects that you guys would be interested in seeing these types of videos, please leave them in the comments below or send me an email at I’m super excited to dive into these! I’ll have a video announcing this on YouTube in the next few days as well as the first tip. Following that, I plan to release the tip videos on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Thanks for the support! I’m excited to see if you guys like these!

Green Light Shooting is a YouTube Channel… Why Did You Start a Blog?

Trust me, I asked myself that question a lot as well. But as soon as I asked the question, the answers started flying into my head and I knew this was something I wanted to do.

This website and this blog are a place for me to gather everything that I think is important to new and growing shooters and put it into one place. These things aren’t necessarily just my Green Light videos that I’ve made, but also some other amazing content out there on the web. I want to bring together tips and tricks, gun and equipment reviews, lifestyle posts and so much more. I wanted to create a a central hub where someone who is interested in guns, regardless of skill level, could come and not only be entertained, but also hopefully learn something new and participate in a community that fosters the sport and the love of shooting, not just the politics and egos.

So here’s how it’ll break down:

On the top of the page, you’ll see 5 featured posts. Those posts will be the highlight news. Everything from new gun releases, current gun reviews, handy tips & tricks, as well as just entertaining stuff.

Below those 5 posts will be the written posts. These will be written either by me or by one of my amazing guest contributors. These will cover new ideas, findings, and just answering general questions about things we think you guys might be interested in.

Then finally, on the right hand side of the screen you’ll notice a sidebar including categories. Every single thing that we post will be tagged within the categories that they most fit in. If you click on any of those categories it will sort every post on the website and give you just those types of posts. That way, if for example, you’re mainly interested in competition shooting, you can select that category and not have to wade through the other posts on the website.

I’ll do my best to always have fresh content for you guys as frequently as possible. Granted, at first it might be a little slow but I promise I’ll get the hang of it.

Thanks for all the support along the way and I hope this site turns into something as fun for you to read and watch as it is for me to make. If you have any suggestions of specific things you’d like to stay updated on, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to keep that content coming.

I want this website to be your one stop shop for everything shooting related. — One note on that real quick. I actually don’t want this to be only shooting related. I want to be able to talk about what knives I think are worth carrying, and what kinds of pocket flashlights have performed the best for me, things like that. So let’s not say a one stop shop for everything shooting. Let’s just say it’ll be a damn good website and a whole lotta good information.

Until next time,