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Top 4 Best Concealed Carry Guns for Women

When I worked at the gun shop, I would get in women everyday looking for a gun to keep in their purse. Or, even more common than that, we would get husbands coming in to buy a gun for their wife.

In Utah, you don’t have to shoot at all or have a gun in order to get your concealed carry permit. So once you receive your permit in the mail, of course you want to buy a gun to use it! The problem is, if you haven’t shot much, there are so many choices to choose from and so many different opinions.

I will say that one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen ladies make is for their very first gun, they go out and buy a tiny little pink gun. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a pink gun, there is something wrong with getting a super small, super light gun if you’re not an experienced shooter. Generally speaking, the smaller and lighter the gun is, the more recoil it’s going to have. So these ladies get out on the range with their new gun and after just a few rounds, they hate it. They put it back in it’s box, store it in the closet, and forget about it.

If it’s your first gun and you’re not an overly experienced shooter, one of the most important things you can do is shoot the gun before you buy it. Get something that feels comfortable in your hand and is (relatively) comfortable to shoot. The most important thing I can say is to buy a gun that you will practice with.

Along those same lines, some new ladies just have a really bad experience with the slide on a semi-automatic handgun. Whether it’s just intimidating or it’s an actual physical limitation, there is no doubt that the slide adds another step to worry about in a critical situation. I would urge you to practice and see if that’s something you can work through but if not, the revolver is an absolutely solid way to go. Remember, get what you’re comfortable with. A concealed carry gun does you absolutely no good sitting at home in the closet.

With all that being said, we took 4 guns that would be great women’s beginner concealed guns. We tried to cover a broad range in terms of sizes, styles, and budget. Like I said in the video, my fiance actually shoots and carries the Sig Sauer P238. She loves that it’s got some girly charm to it but it still looks and functions like a high quality weapon. It’s something that she can comfortably shoot at the range every time we go. She has taught herself to be extremely accurate with it and most importantly, it’s small enough to carry with her everyday.

So let me know what you think about these choices. Would you agree with them? Would you change something? If we expanded it to Top 5 guns, what would be your choice for that fifth place?