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GLS Update 2016

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Hey guys!


Ah man, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on this blog. I apologize about that. You know how things are. But, rather than making excuses, let’s talk about all the fun things coming this way for Green Light Shooting.

Over the past year, Green Light has really become something much more than just a hobby for me. It’s really starting to blossom and become something I could see myself doing full time. Because of that, I want to start taking it way more seriously and devoting time to it every single day. I’ve decided to create a YouTube video schedule that I will hopefully be sticking to religiously for the 2 channels, and even a blog schedule to keep this website updated.

On the main channel, I am going to be releasing a minimum of 2 videos every single week. I will release a normal review/top list/advice video every single Friday morning and I’ll release a VLOG every single Monday morning. As with before, the VLOG’s aren’t always necessarily going to be just about shooting. They’ll be usually be “tactical guy” based but they’ll be much more on the personal side for people who want to get to know me on a more personal level.

On the secondary channel (Green Light Life, check it out if you haven’t already), I will be posting at least one video every single week. Those will be released on Tuesday mornings. Those will consist of all sorts of things from Lifehack compilations and tests, to project videos, to life lessons and more. Man, every time I talk about that channel, I get more excited!

Here on the website, I plan on releasing a new blog post at least every Wednesday. These will cover anything and everything from new videos I’ve posted, to deeper reviews than the videos can cover, to new announcements in the tactical world and more.

Finally, I want to update the merchandise website a little bit as well. Right now on, we have 3 different styles of designs I believe in either a T-Shirt or Hoodie form. I’d like to look into moral patches, stainless steel water bottles, bags, and a few other items. If you have any ideas for what else you’d like to see in there, please leave a comment below.

Okay so words are one thing but actions are a whole other thing. When is all this going to start? Well I’d like to get started now but I want to build a kind of reserve of videos so I can be a week or two ahead at all times. This way, if I get slammed on my normal job or have to go out of town, I won’t miss a week of videos and posts. So I’m going to commit to this schedule definitely by June 1, 2016. I still hope to get a few videos out before then just to hold everyone over but once June hits, we’re going to dive head first into this schedule. That means you’re getting GLS every single Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. that’s a lot of GLS! I hope you guys can handle it.

Thanks for the continued support and commitment even when I haven’t held up my end of the bargain. Let’s do the rest of 2016 right, shall we?

Chad – GLS

Wedding Tips and Tricks for Guys

Bride and Groom

I know this post is a little off the topic of guns and gear but I have learned a lot over the past few months while planning this wedding and thought I’d share what I learned.

I got married just a few days ago on August 8, 2015. We were engaged for almost two full years so we had a long time to plan stuff out. There is a ton of good information out there for the woman’s side of it all, but not as much useful stuff for the guy. So here we go.

1. If you’re renting suits or tuxes, don’t go through Men’s Warehouse. Well, okay maybe that’s a bit strong. But let me quickly explain. I went to Men’s Warehouse because that’s just where people went. I didn’t even know there was any competitors out there. I know that place runs location to location so the service varies a lot but let me just say that I had a terrible experience. They’re associates were either old men who tried to sell me “old” style tuxes. We’re talking gigantic shirts, non-fitted pants, just terrible. Or they were ladies who, while personally they were nice, they didn’t know the product whatsoever. Whenever I would ask for advice on what to go with or what goes together, they’d say it’s just whatever you want. They’d give me no advice and they clearly didn’t know their product and service. Finally, their internal system was a joke. They couldn’t look us up digitally. Most times, they’d have to sort through a stack of papers to find our group. They forgot to order my best man’s tux until the day before. When we came in for a final fitting, they apologized (kind of), and said they’d have it overnighted. So when the wedding day comes around, we go in to pick it up and they try to charge us $35 for the overnight shipping fee… Like, really? We told them there is no way in hell we were paying that and after 30 minutes of back and forth they gave in. Next, the tux pants didn’t fit and we had to go somewhere else to get it tailored. Ridiculous.

Moral of the story, look elsewhere for your tux rentals. I suggest And no, they didn’t endorse me to say that. They’ve got killer reviews, decent prices, great customer service, and awesome modern tuxes. They’re based in LA but they work all online. The only reason I didn’t go with them is because I had a 6’6″ 375lb groomsman that they’re suits couldn’t fit.

2. Think closely about how much time you’ll have at your venue before the ceremony begins. We had an hour and half and thought that was plenty. It wasn’t even close. It was a mad house.

3. Think even more closely about the stuff you’re buying and be honest if you’ll have time to set it up and use it. Tricia bought SO much stuff that she didn’t even get the chance to use that day because we were so rushed and so many things were going on.

4. Think about the decorations you buy and try to find stuff that you can utilize in the future. I would say 90% of the decorations we bought are going in the trash because we’ll never use them again. The stuff we will use again though is stuff we’re really excited about. It would have been great to have more stuff to use in the future since we were spending the money anyway.

5. All of the decorations, the cake, the flowers, etc are for your guests. If your wedding is anything like ours… You won’t have time to enjoy any of it.

6. Make time for your guests, especially the old friends. With so much going on, it’s hard to find time to really show your guests that you appreciate them coming out. I wish I had done a better job at this. Some people traveled a huge distance to be there, some people had to skip work, and some people just gave up a Saturday night, but the fact that they did means a lot so make sure to let them know that.

7. Have your best man run defense for you. I got a lot of things like “What should I do with the extra Sprite?” on my wedding day. If it’s a 7 or lower on the importance scale, have the best man deal with it or find someone who can. You’ve planned everything out for the past year with your fiance down the last detail. On the day of, just enjoy her, the atmosphere, and the guests.

8. Laugh at the little things. So many things will go wrong. Like, so many. Everyone tells you that, you’ve seen it on TV a million times, but it’s the truth. And when everything goes wrong, it’s almost comical because of that. You have to be able to laugh and just roll with the punches. While we’re at that, your fiance will almost certainly call you in tears at least once that day. Stay calm, make her laugh, and remind her why you’re getting married. It’s not because of the flowers. It’s not even because the family came out. It’s because you two are in love and can’t live without each other.

Don’t lose sight of that last one and nothing will be able to stop you.

Tricia and I had an amazing wedding. We honestly couldn’t be happier. Yes, everything went wrong but no one on the guest list knew that. They had a great time too. We were in awesome spirits all day and that radiated through the whole venue. I hope this list helps some of you guys out. Enjoy it while you can and it’ll be over before you know it.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be on the honeymoon in Cancun until next week but after that… We’re diving into some serious gun reviews so stay tuned.

Green Light Shooting is a YouTube Channel… Why Did You Start a Blog?

Trust me, I asked myself that question a lot as well. But as soon as I asked the question, the answers started flying into my head and I knew this was something I wanted to do.

This website and this blog are a place for me to gather everything that I think is important to new and growing shooters and put it into one place. These things aren’t necessarily just my Green Light videos that I’ve made, but also some other amazing content out there on the web. I want to bring together tips and tricks, gun and equipment reviews, lifestyle posts and so much more. I wanted to create a a central hub where someone who is interested in guns, regardless of skill level, could come and not only be entertained, but also hopefully learn something new and participate in a community that fosters the sport and the love of shooting, not just the politics and egos.

So here’s how it’ll break down:

On the top of the page, you’ll see 5 featured posts. Those posts will be the highlight news. Everything from new gun releases, current gun reviews, handy tips & tricks, as well as just entertaining stuff.

Below those 5 posts will be the written posts. These will be written either by me or by one of my amazing guest contributors. These will cover new ideas, findings, and just answering general questions about things we think you guys might be interested in.

Then finally, on the right hand side of the screen you’ll notice a sidebar including categories. Every single thing that we post will be tagged within the categories that they most fit in. If you click on any of those categories it will sort every post on the website and give you just those types of posts. That way, if for example, you’re mainly interested in competition shooting, you can select that category and not have to wade through the other posts on the website.

I’ll do my best to always have fresh content for you guys as frequently as possible. Granted, at first it might be a little slow but I promise I’ll get the hang of it.

Thanks for all the support along the way and I hope this site turns into something as fun for you to read and watch as it is for me to make. If you have any suggestions of specific things you’d like to stay updated on, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to keep that content coming.

I want this website to be your one stop shop for everything shooting related. — One note on that real quick. I actually don’t want this to be only shooting related. I want to be able to talk about what knives I think are worth carrying, and what kinds of pocket flashlights have performed the best for me, things like that. So let’s not say a one stop shop for everything shooting. Let’s just say it’ll be a damn good website and a whole lotta good information.

Until next time,