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Green Light Merchandise?


I created a video on the YouTube channel earlier asking if you guys would be interested in Green Light merchandise.

Below is a poll with a few merchandise options. Check them out and let me know what kind, if any, of merchandise you’d be into.

What Kind of Green Light Merchandise Would You Be Into?


Thanks for your input. If there is enough demand, I think we can come up with some cool designs! I’ll definitely include you guys in the design process as well so we can create something you’d be stoked to represent.

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I'm just an average guy who enjoys guns. I don't care much for the political debates or the stereotypical "gun guy ego", I just enjoy shooting. I want to make shooting fun, accessible, and safe for anyone out there who wants to get involved. From absolute beginners, to advanced shooters, I have respect for all and hope we can learn from each other.

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