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AR-15 Pistol Vlog Teaser

Hey guys! I have some very exciting news to share. 

So just a few weeks ago, Mr. Mike Larsen, the owner of Tactical Armament, came to me and said he thinks that his company manufactures the absolute best AR-15 pistol on the market. So, I took him up on his claim.

His company, Tactical Armament, has been producing AR’s and more for a very long time but they’re just now starting to sell to the public. These AR pistols have all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a high end weapon… plus a lot more. Just to give you an idea, they’ve got a sig brace, a custom muzzle break, an energy-dispersing octagon upper, multi-charge options, and most notably, a “rapid fire” trigger.

I’ll explain all of the features in more detail in the videos to come but for now, I just want to explain what you can expect from this epic shoot. We took these guns out for a day on the range and shot a total of 4 videos. First, we shot an overview on the gun and why it may be considered the best AR-15 pistol out there. Second, we covered the specifics of the new trigger system and how it differs from everything else on the market. Third, and probably most exciting of all, we ran a torture test on the gun. We submerged it in water. We threw it around in the mud. And finally… we lit it on fire. Last but not least, I shot a behind the scenes VLOG giving you guys a teaser into what went into these videos.

The 3 full videos will be out in a few weeks but the VLOG will be posted on Sunday. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up into what’s coming. If you’re interested in this new AR pistol, be sure to watch for the VLOG video to go live this Sunday morning.

Oh, and one more thing.. I might have a coupon code for these AR pistols if you’re interested. I’ll release that in the actual videos so you definitely don’t want to miss those.

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you on Sunday for the VLOG post.

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