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Ah man, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on this blog. I apologize about that. You know how things are. But, rather than making excuses, let’s talk about all the fun things coming this way for Green Light Shooting.

Over the past year, Green Light has really become something much more than just a hobby for me. It’s really starting to blossom and become something I could see myself doing full time. Because of that, I want to start taking it way more seriously and devoting time to it every single day. I’ve decided to create a YouTube video schedule that I will hopefully be sticking to religiously for the 2 channels, and even a blog schedule to keep this website updated.

On the main channel, I am going to be releasing a minimum of 2 videos every single week. I will release a normal review/top list/advice video every single Friday morning and I’ll release a VLOG every single Monday morning. As with before, the VLOG’s aren’t always necessarily going to be just about shooting. They’ll be usually be “tactical guy” based but they’ll be much more on the personal side for people who want to get to know me on a more personal level.

On the secondary channel (Green Light Life, check it out if you haven’t already), I will be posting at least one video every single week. Those will be released on Tuesday mornings. Those will consist of all sorts of things from Lifehack compilations and tests, to project videos, to life lessons and more. Man, every time I talk about that channel, I get more excited!

Here on the website, I plan on releasing a new blog post at least every Wednesday. These will cover anything and everything from new videos I’ve posted, to deeper reviews than the videos can cover, to new announcements in the tactical world and more.

Finally, I want to update the merchandise website a little bit as well. Right now on, we have 3 different styles of designs I believe in either a T-Shirt or Hoodie form. I’d like to look into moral patches, stainless steel water bottles, bags, and a few other items. If you have any ideas for what else you’d like to see in there, please leave a comment below.

Okay so words are one thing but actions are a whole other thing. When is all this going to start? Well I’d like to get started now but I want to build a kind of reserve of videos so I can be a week or two ahead at all times. This way, if I get slammed on my normal job or have to go out of town, I won’t miss a week of videos and posts. So I’m going to commit to this schedule definitely by June 1, 2016. I still hope to get a few videos out before then just to hold everyone over but once June hits, we’re going to dive head first into this schedule. That means you’re getting GLS every single Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. that’s a lot of GLS! I hope you guys can handle it.

Thanks for the continued support and commitment even when I haven’t held up my end of the bargain. Let’s do the rest of 2016 right, shall we?

Chad – GLS

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I'm just an average guy who enjoys guns. I don't care much for the political debates or the stereotypical "gun guy ego", I just enjoy shooting. I want to make shooting fun, accessible, and safe for anyone out there who wants to get involved. From absolute beginners, to advanced shooters, I have respect for all and hope we can learn from each other.

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